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RSGA_TiffanyAppleBlossom_100.jpg Blossom Time Lamp
RSGA_TerriLynMini_100.jpg Terri-Lyn Mini-Lamp

RSGA_RempelLamp_100.jpg Rempel Lamp RSGA_Tae-KimLamp_100.jpg Tae-Kim Lamp

RSGA_OFRILamp_100.jpg Ofri Lamp RSGA_KJLamp_100.jpg K-J Lamp

RSGA_DenleyLamp_100.jpg Denley Lamp RSGA_JMLamp_100.jpg J-M Lamp

RSGA_ClarissaMini_100.jpg Clarissa Mini-Lamp RSGA_BlueCrystalMini_100.jpg Blue Crystal Mini-Lamp

RSGA_ApsleyAMini_100.jpg Apsley Mini-Lamps RSGA_Gallagher_100.jpg Gallagher Lamp

RSGA_MillwoodLamp_100.jpg Millwood Hanging Lamp

How do you recognize a high-quality stained glass lamp?
Key aspects are glass quality and workmanship.  On a fine lamp, the glass has a brilliance that is lacking in cheaper mass-produced lamps.  Fine clear-coloured glass, especially if it has texture in it, will cast exciting fiery glints on nearby walls more so when unfrosted bulbs are used.  Opalescent (translucent) glass should have rich, intense hues.  The glass also looks and feels like real glass instead of something akin to plastic as in the cheaper lamps.

The soldered seams on a well-crafted lamp are smooth, polished, slightly raised lines.  In contrast, mass-marketed lamps tend to have flat, rough, weak, and/or jagged soldering.  Only such poorly made lamps can be sold so cheaply!  Inferior lamps are not constructed to last and often need structural repairs that end up costing as much as the lamp if they can be done at all.  A good hand-crafted lamp will last indefinitely they are truly heirloom quality.

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